When Internet issues arise, especially VoIP related, customers using your services can quickly point the finger at you. You need a speedy way of determining if the problems are at the customer premises or with their Internet connection. By knowing where the problems are and taking care of them quickly, your customer will always trust that you are on top of things as you should be.

Find problems fast

The Logicore agent software comes as a Windows 7/8/10 package, for Linux 7.x and also as a preconfigured hardware device which runs 24/7 using very little power, is self updating and the very best way to monitor. Each agent costs only $49.95 for the base model and come ready to connect and use upon receipt. Even your customer can install it if you wish.

Once a monitoring agent is installed at your customer location, it will begin generating performance data from the customers connections perspective. Massive outage sites are useful for finding out about large widespread problems but your Logicore agent will tell you everything about this particular connection which is more meaningful for your purposes.

From that moment on, you will be able to quickly confirm or eliminate problems that could otherwise take long periods of time to assess, especially after the fact while simultaneously maintaining customer loyalty.

As a VoIP and managed services provider ourselves, we needed a way to let customers know that their issues were most often with their own Internet connection and not something we supported at their location.


The Logicore dashboard gives you a quick overview of how things are going at any time using a PC or mobile device. Options include receiving notifications if the agent at the customers location suddenly stops communicating with Logicore. This could happen when someone disconnects the agent or when there is an Internet outage at the location.

Once the agent is back online, if there was an outage, the dashboard will show exactly when, where and with whom the problems were, in the building, with the Internet provider or beyond. Reports show frequency, length, average times of outages, latency, fully automated speed testing, historical data, trends and more.

By having a Logicore agent running at any or all customer locations, you will know immediately when there are problems and can have someone look on the dashboard before sending someone if the problem was simply an Internet one. An added bonus is knowing over time how an Internet provider is doing which can help when considering upgrading or changing providers.

Who should use Logicore?

Content providers, IT, Tech support companies, remote, unmanned locations, all can now monitor Internet reliability from premises and view centralized reports.

Many companies provide a variety of unified communications and the importance of making sure everything is running perfectly cannot be understated. Finding and knowing where potential problems might lurk is just as important as fixing them. Determine if problems are onsite or if an ISP must be contacted. Preempt issues, impress customers!


For those who need to monitor many locations, the dashboard automatically enables additional features to help manage large numbers of agents. This includes a customer view so that your customers can see their own reports without any ability to change your settings.

And at only a few dollars per, this is a cost you can either pass on to the customer or simply absorb by saving time and money. Discounts can be negotiated.