One frustrating part about suffering Internet issues is not knowing if the problems are on your end or at your provider’s network.  Sometimes issues are intermittent and by the time you decide it’s a problem and call tech support,  it’s working again. It’s hard to explain what’s going on when there’s nothing to show your provider, no proof that you’re really having issues with your Internet connection.  Logicore changes this for you and at no cost.

Logicore gives you a first line of defense by telling you exactly where your Internet problems are, in your building, with your provider or beyond. No need to be technically inclined either because our reports are easy to understand for the novice yet  detailed for those that want to dig in.

When you install an agent to monitor the performance of your Internet connection, one of the most useful features is an algorithm that instantly tries to classify where the issue is, at your location, with your Internet provider or beyond. When the algorithm cannot determine where the problem was, it will try to add ‘Unknown‘.

Unless you have multiple routers or a setup that is not typical of most consumers, the algorithm will usually be able to tell where the issue is. Your dashboard contains an area called the Recent Events which shows where problems have been in plain language.

On your local network
– This is the local area network in your home or building.
With your Internet provider  – This is your Provider network which usually starts outside, on your street.
Beyond your Internet provider – This means any network which is beyond your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

While simply knowing where the problems are could help a lot, more details are optionally available in the Advanced menu tab. For example, in the outages reports, you’ll find a lot more information specific to each event. Along with the outage report is a second graph showing when most of your outages occur with details and as a trend. (See story image above or try our demo)

From now on, you’ll know immediately where the problems are but best of all, no more mysteries in terms of whether your service is working properly or not. You can now compare with others who are also using Logicore and get a bigger picture of what’s going on and how it affects your.