Sometimes, it’s hard to get help no matter where you look for it and when you find it, does it actually help you?

Network operators pay top dollar to make sure you see their reported outages when you search for “outage” using your favorite search engine. This makes it much harder to find solutions like Logicore Networks which can actually expose the issues affecting your service.

Outage report sites are not that useful because they mainly report larger outages and not problems which may be in and around your area.  Most report sites get their information from the same sources: network providers posting about their own outages or various points around the Internet reporting downtime.  This information is scraped together into basic outage reports that may or may not be helpful to you.

While large outages can affect you, most of your problems are probably smaller, ongoing intermittent ones in your own area causing you trouble. How often has your Internet misbehaved and you searched for outages online or contacted the provider, only to be told that no outages have been reported in your area? You know your Internet connection is not solid, but there’s no proof.  Are you the only one having issues? Probably not.

The endless tech support loop

Typically, when you call your provider’s tech support line, you’ll be told everything looks fine on their end.  Maybe you’ll be asked to reboot your modem or router.  Or by the time you’ve made your way through the phone tree to a real person, it starts working again. You hang up frustrated, knowing you’ve experienced problems but having no way to show this for more help.

Posting on your provider’s social media pages may get you a public apology and “can you dm us your account number and address so that we can look into this for you?” Again, without any proof or facts, nothing gets resolved.

Who needs proof? You do!

If you’re lucky enough to have some proof, maybe a screenshot of your network disconnected with date and time, it’s often dismissed as something on your end because they can’t see it on their own network, so it must be on your end.  Same advice, reboot your modem or router and try again.

Clarity starts with Logicore

Once you install a software agent on your PC or order our hardware version, your reports will show you everything going on with your connection.  With the agent running on your network, you quickly begin to see what is really going on, even if your provider doesn’t want to admit to any problems.

Your reports show current, past and historical events, trends, where and who is having the issue, even if unreported. You can also receive instant notifications of possible outages and much more.

Logicore is non intrusive, using only standard IP tools that anyone can use. The secret is in how we automate the process, add intelligent, multi-source decision making code and multiple algorithms that can log outages as short as 300ms. Logicore is not an invasive technology and can equally help providers find weak points.

Best of all, you, the consumer, are no longer alone when you compare your reports with others who are also using Logicore. One person can be dismissed, but when many are seeing the same problem, it’s much easier to start looking for problems and taking care of them.